ZHFR Compounds

Manufacturers of ZHFR Compounds in Mumbai

We manufacture ZHFR Compounds - Mumbai that are used in Electrical Enginnering, Projects, Petrochemicals, Cement, Automobile, Process Industries, Contracts, Govt Supplies, Metro Train, Airports.

Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Wires are insulated with ZHFR compound . It is a superior and safer alternative to conventional wires which are made of PVC. ZHFR insulated Wires are filled with hydrated fillers which release water during fire. They are user Friendly, help to save life, property and cost fractionally more money.

Use of Low smoke zero halogen cable reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gases emitted during combustion. Zero halogen cable should be used in poorly ventilated areas. low smoke zero halogen is Where the protection of people and saving equipments from toxic and corrosive gasses is priority, zero halogene flame retardent cable is the only choice..